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  Welcome to ApophisHackers, the leading hacker group in Eastern Europe.
Since 2019, we've been providing private customers and businesses with quality, discreet hacking services.

Social Media: Recover lost or stolen account login credentials from most platforms.
Email: Obtain login credentials or download archives.
PhoneJacking: Installation and management of remote access software on Smartphones.
Server access: The download or editing of data on secure computers and databases worldwide.

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Records, Scores, Grades & FTP

Database | Server Hacking

  Database hacking is the access and/or manipulation of data on a computer or server.

University records, answer sheets, credit agencies, personal computers, laptops and websites are the most common requests but there are countless others. We specialize in Windows and Linux-based operating systems.

Hire Hacker .co University servers, company computers, websites, NAS systems, cloud networks, laptops and PCs.


Social Media / eMail Acct Credentials

Account Login Credentials

  Hire Hacker .co recovers login credentials or resets for Social Media, Email and all other login-based accounts worldwide.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Baidu, YouTube, WhatsApp, Tik Tok, Pinterest and much more.

Email: Gmail, Yandex, Yahoo, MSN, ProtonMail, domain accounts; all SMTP and IMAP accounts.

All membership-based accounts worldwide.

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PhoneJacking & Spy Apps


  PhoneJacking: The covert installation of remote access software against a targeted Iphone or Samsung mobile device.

Passive: is the remote viewing of the smartphone screen. You can see and record everything the themselves sees in real-time.

Interactive: allows you to click through and view and control directories and applications as well as enjoy remote viewing.

Keylogger: This little tool records every keystroke tapped on the phone. It can be installed remotely or locally. There's minimal battery consumption or latency.


WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram

Encrypted Applications

    Encrypted messenger apps like WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram are much more secure then standard messengers but they're not impervious to several hacking techniques.

Encrypted apps, devices or even Cloud services can have hidden vulnerabilities that can be exploited.
Once you hire a hacker team; starting with just minimal data, they can work their way up to a full decrypted data dump.

It's not cheap, it takes time but the rewards can be amazing.

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Target Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

Vulnerability Assessment:

The VA is a technical reconnaissance that determines the complexity, identifies vulnerabilities and ultimately decides the price.

The VA includes due diligence, security profile, vulnerabilities and potential obstacles prior to hacking the target.

By being fully prepared, your hacker can assure that your request is fulfilled smoothly, discreetly without surprises.

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Crypto Tracing and Recovery

Crypto Tracing / Recovery

Thieves don't want to lose their bounty.
Once stolen, your coin is quickly moved around so that it can't be found.
If it can't be found, it can't be recovered; the end.

Hire Hacker with the help of Apophis Group and their state of the art technology, tracks lost or stolen cryptocurrency though the blockchain, unraveling the obfuscation used until every last coin is located.

Once a wallet is identified, Apophis Squad can often trace that wallet to a real name and address.
Knowing who has your money and exactly where it is a prerequisite to any recovery.


Hire a Hacker / Fast, Professional Service

Fast, Professional Service

All messages are replied to within a few hours.
Hacking jobs are tended to in the order in which it was received.
Hirehacker.co has been providing hacking services for businesses and private client since 2019.

Hire a Hacker | Protection

  Preserving our customer's identity and integrity are always top priority.

Messages are encrypted, money exchanges are in cryptocurrency and once completed, all digital footprints are meticulously erased.

Although we guarantee all services, we fully support official third-party Internet escrow services.

Hire Hacker .co assures that your identity, your case, your target and all data are completely anonymous.
Hire a hacker in complete confidence.

Hire a Hacker Services

  Apophis Hackers is a team of professional hackers and assistant professors at the National Technical University of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Since 2019, we've been providing private customers and businesses alike with quality, discreet technical services.

We are not idealistic nor political; our motivations are purely financial.

Take advantage of a Free Consultation and hire a hacker today.

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How to Hire a Hacker - ApophisHackers

  Start by a Sending us an Encrypted Message.

Make sure you choose the service you need, check your email address and provide a brief description of what your requirements are.
We will reply shortly with further instructions.

The procedure is usually, first by running assessment scans, depositing a retainer, hacking the target and finally security data purges.

Given sufficient resources, any target can be hacked